Friday, November 26, 2010

Ninet-Someone Great

This is basically an add for contributions to the "Shanti House" a home for troubled teens in immediate danger of violence, sexual abuse, juvenile delinquency and other dark stuff that keep these teens from living a normal life. The song is very emotional and it's hard not to fall for these charismatic teens.

Another gray cloud passes-sailing
He holds out his hands for me to come to him in the dark
I just want home, I just want home.

Someone great over there will save me so I won’t fall
A soft hand will come to me quieting there and relaxing
And then my head will fall tired from fear again in her lap
Someone great over there will watch over me so I won’t fall.

Another small branch inside is broken-boom
Another hit, one more hit and I won’t be able to get up
I just want home, I just want home

Someone great!/pages/Ninet-Tayeb/97297873403?v=app_19935916616

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