Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I love apartment parties-especially in the winter as long as it's not too packed and there's a roof to catch some cool air. In the summer, it's usually way too hot to have so many people in an apartment and then the roof becomes a necessity. Unless there are water guns and all problems are solved! I don't know much about this band except that they are two brothers who recorded their album in Seattle-which explains the out of country sound. I love the chilled back lazy feel and wish them the best of luck!

She told me what did she tell me
I didn't go deep anyhow
Oh dear when I looked
Into her light blue eyes
The craziness of Ecuador and Timbuktu I got carried away

She had plans to buy a glider and take off to the sky and space

She touched me in a brutal way
The middle of the room full of people
I ran from there
She revenged me oh got even with me
How I crumbled to pieces
Minutes and tiny ones that don't weigh anything

She had plans to buy a glider and take off to the sky and space
She had plans to ride on the back of a whale
Crazy, crazy


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